Telangana State WAQF BOARD

Razzak Manzil,Opp: Public Garden,Hyderabad


The Qazzath system of the Telangana is very old regularized and well settled system in Telanagana since 200 years and during the period of H.E.H the Nizam there was an office under the name and tittle as "INAM COMMISSIONER" (Sadaratul Alia) and the said office used to control all the inams and grants including Qazzath system and after some time the post was abolish and post of Nizam Atiyath was created to look after the Religious services also including Qazzath system.After that in Telanagana area Atiyath Enquiries Act 1952 was inacted and all the grants conditional to performance of service including the Qazzath system were brought under the definition of Atiyath Grant under the control of Umoor-e-Mazhabhi(Acceliristrical Dept) who used to look after alla the religious affaris of the Muslim community.The appointment were made by Farmons sands,and Munthaqab.(Now also some of the Qazi are working on hereditary basis as per Munthaqab and Farmons)under Atiyath Enquiries Act 1952).

               After formationof Telanagana.The Govt. implemented the kazi Act 1880 in Telanagana area wherein the powers of appointments of Khazi given to the Govt.for local area on the basis of Munthaqab and Farmons and this system was and only in Telangana area.

               As per the Muslim Waqf Act. 1954 the Government have constituted Waqf Board in the year 1955 and entrusted the work relating to the supervision and General Adminstration of Qazzath to the Muslim Waqf Board vide Govt.order No.5/B4/End/187/54,dated:27-08-1955 and G.O. Rt.No. 1360, Dated:07-04-1965 (Copies enclosed). Since then the Waqf Board is adminstrating the Qazzath system in the state with powers entrusted by the Government from time to time.

              The Waqf Board by virtue of the powers delegated by the Government is supplying the Marriage Booklets and Siyahnama to Qazis appointed by the Government and the same system is framed to all the Districts of Telangana vide G.O.Ms. No.37,Dt:10-11-2002 before it was only in Telangana region.(Copy of G.O.Enclosed herewith)

              In the year 1973 Govt. have confirmed the issuance of Marriage, Divorce Certificate by the Telangana State Waqf Board vide Lr.No.2074/Waqf/69-29.Dt:07-07-1973.(copy enclosed) Apart from the above there are some Qazies in Shia community who are called Moulanas,who also performed the Marriage of their community and issue Marriage and Divorce this Moulanes are not approved by the Government as Qazies The Waqf Board on the representation of their community heads issuing the marriage and Divorce Certificates to avoid inconvenience to community people.

              Similarly Markazi Anujuman-e-Bawahir,Jamaat-e-Sulaimani and Agha Khan the same system adopted and the Waqf Board is issuing Marriage and Divorce Certificates.On the basis of records provided by them.

              All the Consulates of Government of the other Countries and all the Hon'ble court are accepting the Certificates issued by the Telangana State Waqf Board and if necessary,they are confirming the same from the Telangana State Waqf Board,Hyderabad.

              The Telangana State Waqf Board issuing the Marriage/Divorce/Religion Certificate under Tatkal Scheme and in this Scheme the certificate will be issue on same day or next day and in ordinary Scheme the certificate will be issue within 5 to 7 days.

              After the delegation of powers by the Government the Telangana State Waqf Board is supervising the Qazzath system issuing of Shiyajath and Marriage Booklets to the Govt.Khazi which was appointed by the per Govt.Order and issuing of the Marriage/Divorce/Religion.Certificate smoothy without any complaint from the common Muslim community.